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We Are XBR — Sarah McCue

May 8, 2018

For the month of May we're featuring young professional Sarah McCue! Sarah does amazing work with youth in our community. Learn more:


1. In 280 characters or less, tell us what you do.

I am the Rebound Choices Program Coordinator at RNJ Youth Services. I run a 10-week life skills program for youth aged 12-17 with a focus on drug and alcohol prevention and awareness. We also talk about things like healthy relationships, self-respect, goals and communication.


2. Why Brockville?

Brockville for me has always been home. Even when I was away at school in Kingston, I looked forward to coming home on weekends and holidays to sit down by the water or go walking on the Brock Trail with friends.


3. What is most important right now, to you as a young professional?

I would have to say self-care is pretty important as a young professional. A lot of us are working multiple jobs and often times need a reminder to slow down and take some time for ourselves. Enjoy a baseball or hockey game, take a weekend off, have fun!


4. If you could give any piece of advice to 17-year old you, what would it be?

Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to other people. Sometimes it can take you a little longer to figure out where you want to go in life, and that’s 100% okay!


5. What’s your most visited website/social media page?

I would have to say Facebook or Instagram.


6. Do you have any advice for other YP’s hoping to get into your field/career?

Volunteer! If you’re looking to learn about local agencies and see if it’s the right field for you, reach out and see if they accept volunteers. You can learn a lot from the staff and get a chance to meet some of the youth or adults that they work with.


7. What hidden gem of/in Brockville would you love to share with others?

I don’t know that it’s hidden, but the river is definitely one of my favourite things about Brockville and the surrounding area. Lots of parks, hiking trails not to mention boating, scuba diving and swimming. The river offers something fun for everyone.



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