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We Are XBR — Laura Hetherington

March 19, 2018

For our third instalment of We Are XBR where we highlight young professionals who live, work, and play in Brockville, we are featuring Laura Hetherington:


1. In 280 characters or less, tell us what you do.


I am a support worker for a family through Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement. BDACI is an organization that supports families who have children (or other relatives) with an intellectual or physical disability. I assist said family do daily activities and maintain their active life in their community. 


2. Why Brockville?

My family hails from Toronto, and moved to Brockville right before I was born with the opening of the Shell plant. Having deep roots in both Toronto and Brockville, the opportunity to move back to the city has come up again and again. Having experienced both, I much prefer a close knit town where “everyone knows everyone”. The support and sense of community that comes from Brockville is something that can not be duplicated. Not to mention the immense amount of pride Brockvillians have in their community! 


3. What is most important right now, to you as a young professional?

Probably networking. Meeting as many people that I can who started off where I am in my career. What path did they take? I’m a true believer that “who you know” is a key for furthering yourself. Especially in my career where I support people in their community. Who I know could help the person I support get the job, join the group, make new connections. 


4. If you could give any piece of advice to 17-year old you, what would it be?

Don’t stress about what your job “should” look like. At 17 I already changed my mind about 20 different times on what I wanted to do for a career- and would do it another 20 times afterwards! Also don’t concern yourself too much about what your friends are doing whether that be school, jobs or personal lives. There is no right or wrong when it comes to finding a career for YOU! 


5. What’s your most visited website/social media page?

Imgur. Great for a laugh. Also super into listening to Podcast lately. Particularly Tom Segura- again, I like a good laugh! 


6. Do you have any advice for other yp’s hoping to get into your field/career?

In this field I’ve learned that first impressions are everything, and how you present yourself is so important. My two cents of advice would be to take pride in how you carry yourself, because a pride in yourself is reflected onto the person you support. 


7. What hidden gem of/in Brockville would you love to share with others?

If you love going for drives and listening to classics (which I do), I would recommend driving down Murphy Rd, onto Hallecks Rd heading south (just outside of Lyn). Beautiful country landscape for all seasons! 

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