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We Are XBR - Haley Veronyak

January 10, 2018

We're so pleased to be launching a new series for 2018, where we highlight young professionals who live, work and play in Brockville. First up is Haley Veronyak:





1. In 280 characters or less, tell us what you do.


I am the events and communications coordinator for the Downtown Brockville Business Improvement Association (DBIA). Majority of my job consists of planning and executing events to promote downtown and managing their social media platforms!


2. Why Brockville?


I was originally visiting my best friend from university who grew up in the Brockville area but once I arrived I fell in love with the unique vibe and charisma the city has. It really is a unique part of Ontario! When I came across my current job application I jumped at the chance to permanently move here!


3. What is most important right now to you, as a young professional?


Try to say “no” as little as possible. Especially when it makes you uncomfortable, that's how you grow. Even if you don’t think you will take the job, always take the interview because the experience is invaluable; every experience is going to help you grow and become better.


4. If you could give any piece of advice to 17-year old you, what would it be?


Doing what is best for you. It seems selfish and sometimes it can be, but when a unique opportunity strikes you have to take it in order to advance your career and to follow your passions. Those who truly care for you will understand that, even if they put up a little resistance at first!

5. What’s your most visited website/social media page?

Instagram - #fitspo


6. Do you have any advice for other yp’s hoping to get into your field/career?

Interview tip: Remember it is your interview and you should be the one directing the conversation. Yes, you need to answer their questions but at the end of the day, you know why you are valuable and capable of fulfilling that role so make sure you convey points and experiences you know are valuable. You should be the dominant one talking.


7. What hidden gem of/in Brockville would you love to share with others?

I’ve only lived here for a little over a month so I’m still in awe of the raw beauty of the place. Seeing the river every day always humbles me.

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